3 Days

Christchurch, New Zealand City

Held at Christchurch Town Hall

For Antartica New Zealand

Our Future in Focus | New Zealand Antarctic Science Conference (2019)

Supporting world leading science and environmental protection.  Antarctica New Zealand is the government agency responsible for carrying out New Zealand’s activities in Antarctica,  Our vision is: Antarctica and the Southern Ocean – valued, protected, understood.

Antarctica New Zealand was the confirmed and proud host of the Antarctic Science Platform, the purpose of which is to conduct excellent science to understand Antarctica’s impact on the global earth system and how this might change in a +2°C world.

TCT were just as proud to be appointed as PCO to work alongside the conference committee and Royal Society National Committee on Antarctic Sciences to produce what was the first event at the newly re-opened elegant Christchurch Town.


The Programme:

The content looked at projects undertaking their first field season, initiating a series of campaigns that complement the New Zealand Antarctic research programme as a whole. The research conducted in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean is critical for understanding the impact of change on Antarctica and to improve future projections.

Sessions: One year on – some reflections on the role of PM’s Chief Science Advisor; The Antarctic Ice Sheet in our rapidly warming world; Ross Ice Shelf; Processes, Trends and variability in Antarctic Systems; Antarctic Biodiversity and Resilience of Ecosystem Function; Cryosphere Dynamics; Antarctic People and places; Ross Sea Region Marine Protected Area


The Experience:

3 Day Conference & 1 Day Workshop | 120 Delegates | 45 Speakers | 20 hours of content | 67 Poster Displays | 6 Sponsors | 9 Hours of Networking | 3 Social Functions | 8 Awards