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Our Past Events

Past Events:

We can provide a referee for any of the following events should you wish to verify our credentials.

Low VOlume Roads Workshop - Rydges Latimer Christchurch Sept 2015
137 attendees. Two day event with a half day technical tour and workshop dinner

- ROtorua Energy Events Centre, Rotorua - June 2015
Three day international conference with up to 836 attendees including 72 partners. Included 255 abstracts, 3 themed evening events, 55 trade and 102 presentations (7 streams)

RIMS FORUM 2015 - Rendezvous Hotel, Auckland - March 2015
156 attendees, 2 days with awards dinner, two concurrent sessions - including call for abstracts

NAMS Forum 2014 - Rendezvous Hotel, Auckland
137attendees, 1.5 days, concurrent sessions with sponsorship, call for abstracts and evening dinner

NZATS Conference - Rydges Latimer Christchurch
167 attendees, 22 trade booths, 3 day programme with 2 themed evening events

Institute of Financial Advisers 2014, Rendezvous Hotel Auckland
309 attendees, 16 trade booths, 2 day programme with up to four concurrent sessions, with gala conference dinner

IPWEA NZ, SkyCity Convention Centre Auckland June 2014
389 attendees, 35 trade booths, 54 sessions (run as 5 concurrents) and 3 themed evening functions with a half day of 5 technical tours

Road Infrastructure Management Forum, Rydges Christchurch 27-27 Mar 2014
160 attendees, 11 trade and two workshops with optional dinner

Dyspraxia Conference. Rendezvous Auckland 4 - 5 October 2013. 150 attendees, two day conference with four breakouts.

Low Volume Roads Workshop. Novotel Rotorua 18 - 20 Sep 2013. 170 attendees at a two day seminar in Rotorua including Call for Abstracts, themed dinner and technical tour

IFA Conference, Waipuna Hotel & Conference Centre 21 - 23 May 2013. 320 attendees 1.5 days, four streams and formal conference dinner

NASDAP Conference. Millennium Hotel Queenstown 28 - 30 Aug 2013. 400 attendees for 3 day conference including 28 trade display, fun evening event and Pecha Kucha.

INGENIUM Conference. Dunedin Convention Centre, 13 - 15 June 2013. 380 attendees for 3 day conference including 38 exhibition, three themed evening events and 55 papers.

LVR Workshop - Low Volume Roads. Millennium Hotel, Queenstown 17 - 18 Aug 11.
165 attendees, Call for Papers, Technical Tour and workshop dinner

CASANZ - Clean Air Society of Australia & New Zealand. SkyCity Convention Centre31 Jul - 2 Aug 2011. 320 attendees, 18 exhibitions, Welcome Function, Conference dinner and 132 Papers

ASBA - Association of School Business Administrators Conference SkyCity Auckland , 18 - 21 July 2011. 650 attendees, 70 exhibition, three themed evening functions

IFA - Institute of Financial Advisers Conference Jul 2011, Wellington Convention Centre. 303 attendees, 19 trades, conference dinner

INGENIUM Conference Jun 2011, Wellington Convention Centre. 365 attendees, 32 trades, three evening functions, technical tours, Call for Papers

Running Hot! Science in NZ Conference Nov 2010 TePapa
205 attendees, two day conference, international speakers, conference dinner

NAMS Forum Nov 2010, Westpac Trust Stadium Wellington 145 attendees, 2 day forum, exhibition and forum dinner

NZATS / ASAPO Conference Nov 2010, Hotel Grand Chancellor Christchurch. 175 attendees, 21 trades and conference dinner

DYSPRAXIA Conference Oct 2010, Hotel GRand Chancellor Christchurch
163 attendees, Call for Papers and conference dinner

Institute of Financial Advisers' Conference, 21 - 23 July 2010. Rotorua Energy Events Centre. 325 delegates, partners, sponsors, 16 trades, conference dinner and awards

INGENIUM 2010. Christchurch Convention Centre. 10 - 12 June. 480 attendees, 45 trades, technical tours, three social functions inc quiz night and conference / awards dinner, partners programme

Mt Cook Reunion. Chateau on the Park and Hotel Grand Chancellor. 19 - 21 March 2010. 250 attendees, welcome function, dinner, day tour

NASDAP Conference. National Association of Secondary Deputy and Assistant Principals. 26 - 28 August 2009. Hawke's Bay Opera House. 340 attendees, exhibition, international speakers, conference dinner

Institute of Financial Advisers' Conference, 29 - 31 July 2009. SkyCity Convention Centre. 360 delegates, partners, sponsors, 30 trades, conference dinner and awards

Low Volume Roads Workshop, Napier War Memorial Convention Centre. 22 - 24 July 2009. 170 delegates, technical tour, call for papers.

INGENIUM Conference , Kingsgate Hotel, Hamilton.  4 - 6 June 2009.  410 delegates and partners, concurrent workshops, themed evening functions, technical tours, partners programme

Running Hot!  Science in New Zealand Conference, Te Papa Museum, Wellington.  29 - 31 October 2008.  200 delegates and sponsors, posters, international speakers

Youth in Local Government Conference, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Christchurch. 200 delegates and sponsors

New Zealand Healthcare Pharmacists Conference, Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre, Auckland. 240 delegates, sponsors, 28 trades, themed social function, international speakers.

Institute of Financial Advisers' Success Forum, Christchurch Convention Centre and Town Hall. 500 delegates, partners, sponsors, 40 trades, themed social function, golf tournament.

SPELD Conference - First Light: inspiring Innovation, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Christchurch. 18 - 20 July 2008. 280 delegates, 20 trade.

INGENIUM Annual Conference - First Light: inspiring Innovation, Emerald Hotel, Gisborne. 5 - 7 June 2008. 355 delegates, 60 partners, 25 trades, partners tours, technical tours, themed social functions.

Financial Planning Standards Board, Crowne Plaza Hotel and Christchurch Convention Centre.  6 - 11 April 2008.  70 delegates and partners from 21 countries, social functions and daily tours.

Australian Master Plumbers, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Christchurch.  17 - 21 October 2007.  150 international delegates.  Optional and partners tours, trade show, post conference tour to Queenstown.

Dyspraxia Conference, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Christchurch.  5 - 7 October 2007.  250 delegates, concurrent workshops and international speakers.

Institute of Financial Advisers' Success Forum, Rotorua Energy Events Centre. 25 - 27 July 2007. 600 delegates, 40 trades, themed social function, golf tournament.

Low Volume Roads Workshop - Key Issues, Rutherford Hotel, Nelson. 19 - 20 July 2007. 150 delegates, technical tour, social function.

INGENIUM Annual Conference - From Dreams to Reality, Civic Theatre, Invercargill. 7 - 9 June 2007. 340 delegates, 60 partners, 20 trades, partners tour, technical tours, themed social functions.

Running Hot!  Science in New Zealand Conference, The Arts Centre, Christchurch.  27 - 28 November.  200 delegates, 2 dinners, posters, marquee.

Ergonomics for Occupational Therapists, Chateau on the Park, Christchurch, 13 & 14 August 2006.  Two multi day workshops with 98 attendees, site visit, international speaker.

INGENIUM Annual Conference - Pulse of the City, The Edge Auckland Convention Centre. 8 - 10 June 2006. 300 delegates, 80 partners, 30 trades, partners tour, technical tours, themed social functions.

Institute of Financial Advisers' Success Forum, Sky City Auckland Convention Centre. 21 - 23 June 2006. 650 delegates, 30 trades, themed social function, golf tournament.

NZ Principals' Federation National Conference, Hawke's Bay. 28 June - 1 July 2006. 600 delegates, 40 trades, tours.

Sexual Dysfunction: Clinical Practice, Research and Trends. Millennium Hotel, Queenstown. 6 - 9 April 2006. 160 specialists, trade show, off site social functions.

Engineers Representative Seminar, Copthorne Wellington, 22 & 23 September, Southern Cross Dunedin, 26 & 27 September, Waipuna Auckland, 29 & 30 September and Novotel Rotorua, 3 & 4 October 2005

NZ Pharmacy Conference, Waipuna Auckland. 16 - 18 September 2005.  393 delegates, 3 day programme, 27 exhibitions, sponsorship, concurrent sessions, 48 papers, pub quiz and dinner.

Low Volume Roads Workshop, Palmerston North Convention Centre. 3 - 5 August 2005. 150 delegates, technical tour, overseas speakers, themed happy hour and themed casino / gaming dinner.

Contractors Representative Seminar, Waipuna, Auckland, 8 & 9 August. Wellington, 10 & 11 August. Rydges Christchurch, 15 & 16 August 2005.

NZ Special Education Association Conference, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Christchurch. 11 - 13 July 2005.  185 attendees, 2.5 day programme, concurrent sessions, exhibition and conference dinner.

INGENIUM Annual Conference, Rutherford Hotel, Nelson, 9 - 12 June 2005. 400 + attendees, international speakers, three functions, trade show, partners programme.

FPIA Success Forum, Christchurch Convention Centre, 15 - 17 June 2005. 630 delegates and partners, trade show, themed dinner, international speakers, golf tournament.

Engineer to the Contract Seminars: Waipuna, Auckland; and Southern Cross Hotel, Dunedin, May 2005.

Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand Conference, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Christchurch, March 2005. 230 attendees including international and over 50 concurrent presenters as well as a Mystery Dinner.

Pan Pacific Barbershop Convention, Christchurch, October 2004. 750 registrants including overseas delegation, social functions, workshops, public concerts.

Engineer's Representative Seminars, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, October 2004.

Dyspraxia Conference, Christchurch. October 2004. 290 attendees including international presenters, concurrent workshops.

FPIA Success Forum, Auckland July 2004 - 670 attendees. Plenary sessions including international presenters, concurrent workshops, social function, golf tournament.

INGENIUM, Palmerston North Convention Centre, June 2004.  400 attendees including partners. Themed social functions, site visits, partners tours, exhibition.

Engineer to the Contract Seminars. Waipuna, Auckland April and Copthorne, Wellington April 2004

Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand Conference, Palmerston North Convention Centre, April 2004.  320 attendees, trade show, abstracts, posters, themed conference dinner, concurrent sessions.

Sister Cities Conference 2004, Christchurch, March 2004.  165 international delegates, four day meeting, outdoors luncheon, tours, two themed dinners, pre and post tours.

NZ Dermatological Society Summer Meeting, Clearwater, Christchurch, March 2004.  50 attendees, exhibition, dinner.

FPIA Success Forum, Rotorua July 2003 - 650 delegates, 40 partners. Plenary sessions including international presenters, concurrent workshops, social function, golf tournament.

REAAA Low Volume Roads Workshop, Christchurch July 2003 - 140 delegates, concurrent sessions, themed dinner, call for papers.

INGENIUM, Hastings June 2003.  260 delegates, 110 partners. Tours, social functions, keynotes, concurrents, golf tournament.

Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand Conference, Christchurch May 2003.  370 delegates. Three days business sessions plus social function. Abstracts and Posters.

APEC IPEG XVI Meeting, Christchurch, March 2003.  60 international delegates, optional tours, pre and post tours.

Australasian Railways Golf Carnival, Christchurch March 2003.  140 Australian and New Zealand golfers and their partners. Two week stay with optional tours and field trips daily.

Scottish Forestry Study Tour - throughout North Island.  2003, an elite group of Forestry VIPs. 10 day tour.

Association of American Equine Practitioners Resort Symposium - Millbrook 2003, 185 international delegates. 6 day business and entertainment programme including daily optional tours and off site visits.

World Forestry Center Tour - Auckland, Rotorua, Tongariro, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown 2002, 73 international delegates. 10 day tour including forestry visits, seminars, themed dinners and optional tours.

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Annual Scientific Meeting - Christchurch.  2002, 280 delegates. Three day scientific programme including exhibition, 70 abstracts, conference dinner and sightseeing tours

FPIA Convention - Palmerston North 2002, 680 delegates. Three day programme including 30 exhibitors, convention dinner, concurrents and partners programme

NZ Dyspraxia Assn Conference - Christchurch 2001, 280 delegates. Three-day programme including business programme, social functions and exhibitors.

PlaceMakers Convention - Hunter Valley 2001, 650 delegates, staff and suppliers. Three-day programme including business programme, social functions, and tours.

PlaceMakers Convention - Port Douglas 2001, 1,100 delegates, staff and suppliers. Three groups over two weeks. Five-day programme includes business programme, site visits, social functions, sponsorship packages and tours.

NZ Financial Planners & Insurance Advisers Association - Christchurch 2001, 500 delegates and 100 partners. Three-day programme including workshops, breakout sessions, social functions and Exhibition.

Association of General Surgeons Conference - Ashburton 2001, 110 delegates and partners. Three-day business programme with exhibition, conference dinner and optional sightseeing.

International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors Association Conference Christchurch 2001, 300 delegates from Asia and the Pacific Basin. Four day business programme including exhibition, special events, pre and post tours.

Australia & New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine - Christchurch
2000, 60 delegates. Two day programme including site visits, social and recreational options

PlaceMakers Convention - Coolum 2000, 650 delegates. Three day programme, back to back including site visits, dinners, business programme, and sponsorship packages.

NZ Special Education Association - Christchurch 2000, 250 delegates. Three-day programme including workshops, breakout sessions and Conference Dinner.

NZ Dermatological Society Conference - Gold Coast 2000, 200 including delegates and partners from both NZ and Australia - five day programme including exhibition, cruise, golf tournament and Conference Dinner.

PlaceMakers Convention - Singapore 2000, 1060 delegates. Five day programme, 3 groups back to back including site visits, dinners, business programme, and sponsorship packages.

Financial Planners & Insurance Advisers Association - Wellington 2000, 500 delegates and 100 partners. Three-day programme including workshops, 18 breakout sessions, social functions and Exhibition.

Association of Local General Engineers NZ - Christchurch 2000, 450 including delegates and partners. Four day programme including workshops, technical tours, social functions and Exhibition.


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